Luke Rehmann

Student, Entrepreneur, Developer, and Internet Enthusiast.


My name is Luke Rehmann and I’m from Traverse City, Michigan. Currently studying Informatics at the University of Michigan, in my free time, I love to write code to solve problems and connect the web. You can see some of the projects I’ve worked on below.

If you’re intersted in working with me, feel free to use the contact form or social media to drop me a line.


FCC ID Wireless Application Tracker

An Easier FCC ID Searchable, Linkable Database. Subscribe to companies to be emailed within 15 minutes of a new FCC Wireless Application by that company. Follow @FCCIDnet for a stream of all new applications. See also, IndustryCandada's Radio Equipment List

OpenSSL Heartbleed Test

Using Jared Stafford's Python Code, this web based tool allows you to verify if the Heartbeat extension is enabled and vunerable on your webserver.

My GitHub

Hosts my non-web based projects that you can often find on my blog as well.


Feel free to connect with me on of these social media platforms. Alternatively, you can email me or get in touch using the form below.